The Institute for 
Financial Dispute Resolution 

Enhancing the Divorce Community through Financial Education


The Institute for Financial Dispute Resolution provides its members with customized training in the financial aspects of divorce-related financial disputes for litigators, mediators, judges, other legal professionals and financial consultants. Our mission is to create an elite group of practitioners committed to helping their clients, the courts and the entire community through advanced financial education. 

The foundation of this group is its training course designed to enhance our members’ skills, focusing on a wide range of topics, including executive compensation issues, property division strategies, tax issues and strategies, business valuation and forensic accounting techniques. 

Membership is open to attorneys, mediators, CPAs, financial planners, paralegals and other professionals with a desire to help their clients and the community use financial knowledge to resolve their disputes. Upon completion of the training and passing the IFDR exam, members receive the IFDR Accreditation for Financial Analysis.

The primary mission of the IFDR is to serve the legal and financial communities through its many programs. By promoting greater awareness and education on the financial aspects of financial disputes, we can reduce the need for court time or avoid litigation altogether. We also believe the IFDR can allow for more mentoring and networking among lawyers, judges, mediators and financial experts, which can create a more cooperative legal and financial community. In addition to formal training, we offer judicial panel events, financial workshops, webinar training and innovative training events for the family law community. 

Membership is reserved for a select group of practitioners in each geographic area and includes a wide range of 
benefits including:  

Access to IFDR’s training course


Networking with industry leaders

Recognition in
the community



Whether your divorce is litigated, mediated or worked through in some other manner, chances are a portion of your matter has financial component. Surprisingly, many professionals are not trained in these areas. Our members receive unique training in financial areas that could make a significant difference in both the outcome and the efficiency with which the matter is handled. 

Our goal is to create a truly unique group of the best trained lawyers, mediators, financial professionals, judges and educators who can work together towards a common goal – a higher level of financial understanding to provide superior results for litigants.

For more information or to schedule 
training, please email us and a training specialist will assist you.

The Institute for Financial Dispute Resolution was created as a subgroup of the American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators, an educational organization that has provided financial training to lawyers and other professionals nationwide. The subgroup was established to expand access to this training to mediators, financial professionals and other practitioners working with clients to resolve divorce-related financial disputes. Current members of the AACFL have complimentary membership in the IFDR, its training and the ability to obtain its accreditation. 

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